About Us

Our history

Silk Memories is a husband and wife team and we love silk things! We lived in China for many years and miss the good quality and inexpensive silk items we used to have there.

When we moved back to the UK we ordered some different silk products for friends and family. They loved them and encouraged us to sell them on EBay. So here we are!

Our products

We specialise in silk products manufactured in Hangzhou which is known as the hometown of Silk in China. All the products we list use 100% silk and are made from silkworms that are fed only on mulberry leaves which is the only way to guarantee the best quality silk. Silk from this region and this process is by far the best quality in the world.

All the items we sell are things that we have chosen and tried ourselves and we hope that you like the items you see here. If not let us know as we often have products tailor made for customers, for example different weights and sizes for our silk filled duvets or different coloured silk bedding.

Our product range covers Silk Bedding, Silk Filled Duvets, Silk Pillow Cases, Silk Liner Gloves, Silk Boxer Shorts, Silk Sleepwear, Silk Thongs, Silk Eye Masks, Silk Socks and Silk Balaclavas. However we add new items very often so please check back with us again!

Most of our silk products are machine washable however if you’d like to see the care instructions we use for our silk products please go to the care instructions link on the homepage.

Our factory

We have worked with the factory that makes all our silk products for many years because they consistently deliver great products.
Not only that but we chose this factory in particular because it’s a small, family owned and run business with exemplary standards of working. We have visited them many times to see our orders in production and now consider the owner and his family our friends.
Unlike other factories in China that claim different standards and qualities we have seen for ourselves how well the principals of the owners are implemented throughout the productions lines and how well the staff are treated. As proof of this the staff turnover, which is always one of the key factors in researching production in China, is one of the lowest, not just in the region, but in all of China.

Our service

We usually ship your items by the next working day and you will get an email confirmation. If for any reason we can’t do that we will always let you know by email.

What our customers say

I love the goods but a seller that gives 5* personal service is even better.
My 3rd time back, fantastic service, gorgeous silk pillowcases, thank you
Lovely lovely item. My little boy loves his new duvet and so do I. All great. Ta
Lovely product, beautifully packaged. Love this seller!
This seller is excellent, first class all the way, from the Silk to the Service
AMAZING! Great quality silk, thoughtfully wrapped AND it arrived NEXT DAY!
Really lovely to sleep on. Almost as good as a facelift.
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Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your browsing!