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In China people liken silk to a second layer of skin so you need to take special care of your silk products. To ensure your product stays in the best condition please follow these instructions:

Pillowcases, Boxer Shorts, Bedding, Eye Masks and Gloves

Silk can be machine washed on a 30 degree delicates cycle with the addition of a washing product for delicate items e.g., soap flakes or gentle detergent.

Never try to remove stains yourself.

To reduce creasing, dry flat and smooth out any wrinkles by hand before hanging up. Dry in an airy place away from the sun and direct heat. In this way you won’t need to iron the silk product. If you do want to iron your silk items always place a piece of cloth over it and iron on low heat.

Never boil or bleach silk. Do not wring. Do not tumble dry.

Store flat in a cool dry place.

Silk Filled Duvets

Upon receipt air the duvet, ideally outside, for a couple of hours to allow the silk to recover its loft.

Always use a removable/washable cover to keep the duvet clean and to protect it from stains.

The duvet cannot be washed. A frequent outdoor airing (e.g. at least once every three months) is all that is required to allow the natural silk fibre to breathe and recover its loft. Doing so will ensure that the moisture will evaporate, making the duvet fluffy again. When airing, keep the duvet away from strong sunlight and direct heat for prolonged periods.

Should your duvet require deeper cleaning, please follow these steps:

Isolate the soiled area only.

Hand wash with cold water and a very gentle/delicate washing agent. (A special silk washing agent is perfect)

Do not use bleach or strong detergents.

Rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water by pressing the two sides together.

Do not wring. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry or iron.

Do not shake the duvet inner strongly as this may displace the hand layered silk floss.